Hogs Breath Cafe Joondalup & Kelmscott

Hogs Breath Cafe

“There are many things we’ve never done, but we ain’t never had too much fun”, so the Hog’s Breath slogan goes. It’s an expression of a philosophy that has made Hog’s Breath a tear away success story.

The one that gives you savings as you use it!

Unlike many other cards that are taking up valuable space in your wallet or purse, the Hog’s Breath Cafe Frequent Diner Card gives you benefits each and every time you use it! Immediately! You don’t need to circumnavigate the globe eight times to receive a toaster. Just use the card and see the 25% savings immediately! Pick up your card at a store near you now! Simple savings made easy.

PGN and MGC members receive a card free with their membership. You can activate yours by clicking on the rewards card below